Beyond NYC: Piano Music Concert Series at Union Arts Center in Sparkill, NY

Serious music by the world-class musicians in an Intimate and elegant arts center in picturesque Sparkill, NY opens this year Concert Series with the music for two pianos on October 21, 2018

Piano Concert Series Union Arts Center Sparkill NY
Oxen Mihkailoff, Vassily Primakov, Natalia Lavrova / Image courtesy of Union Arts Center

Vassily Primakov, Oxana Mikhailoff and Natalia Lavrova, acclaimed classical pianists and the regulars on the music scene in and around New York City, are teaming up to perform a delightful all-Russian music program for two pianos and six (6)!!!! hands featuring Two Suites by Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky’s Symphony “Pathetique” transcribed for two-pianos. This one-of-a-kind concert brings together Vassily Primakov, a passionate interpreter of Chopin, Oxana Mikhailoff, a poetic pianist as well as a sought-after music educator, and Natalia Lavrova – more at arts-ny


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